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What would Virginia do?

With such an attractive name, the Dalloway Terrace promises a lot. But does it deliver?

I was in London. It was an extraordinarily bright, sunny day. I had the company of a lovely friend. What do you do in a day like this? What would Ms Dalloway do in a glorious day like this after buying herself flowers? (if you read the book, you will understand what I mean.) She would have an afternoon tea in a fine café, of course.

Dalloway Terrace has won the reputation and status of one of the most photographed cafés/ restaurants in the capital. It isn't hard to grasp why. Even if it isn't a big space, the area is thoughtfully decorated with a magnificent wall covered in very tasteful seasonal flowers and foliage that complements perfectly the Parisian style table and chairs. A touch of extra luxury are the faux fur throws individually available in the event of a colder breeze threatens to spoil your perfectly brewed coffee.

But, crucially a café/ restaurant cannot rely only on its gorgeous interior, even if we live inside planet Instagram that more often than not, favours look and sacrifices content. The Dalloway Terrace, luckily for us, understands this very well and clearly invests on excellent service and high quality produce to offer delightful taste.

The staff were very attentive without excess. They spoke to us about what consisted of the afternoon tea, the sandwiches, the freshly baked scones, the sensational clotted cream and the option of having champagne rather than only tea.

We had a glass of champagne that was generously poured for us and a chat about what types of tea they had. The staff were obviously very well trained and informed about what to offer. So many cafés and restaurants, surprisingly, do not informed their staff about their menu and more frequently than not, waiters reflect a clear lack of communication between the kitchen, waiting staff and management.

We could tell, however, the staff at Dalloway Terrace were happy to be there and even happier to make sure we had a great experience. After all, they want us to go back.

One of the highlights was the very pretty collection of petit four. My favourite has to be the orange chocolate tiny basket. Pure indulgency. So glad there were only two of them!

If I could change one thing, I would probably suggest more seeded and wholemeal bread for the sandwiches as I am not that big on the white version. But this is a tiny detail and only because I love the experience so much.

I have a feeling, Virginia and her Bloomsbury group would hang out there in a sunny evening indulging themselves in smoked salmon sandwiches and bite size chocolate treats, and quite frankly, if it is good enough for Virginia, I am happy. Really quite happy.

Dalloway Terrace

16-22 Great Russell St, Bloomsbury

London WC1B 3NN