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Three times lucky

The three scenic Greek islets that are a true gem

As the story goes, a man from the island of Kalymnos decided to build a house in the unpopulated island of Plati. The Greek government helped him cover all the expenses under one condition: every single day he had to raise the Greek flag. He did just that. Then, he got married in the island in the tiny church of Saint Nicholas. The couple lived in the island for around 8 years after which they separated and abandoned Plati island. It could well be a case of superstition for a love story that sadly ends bitter, but the fact is the mysterious and empty Plati island remains unpopulated. This interesting and fascinating place is one of the three islands we covered with the Kos4all boat tour. I was very much looking forward to seeing up and close all those enchanting and charming islets that one see in films. I was not disappointed as the tour covered three complete gems that I brought back with me as the fondest memories of my first time in Greece.

My excitement to leave the resort and experience what you read in books as they real Greece was beyond words. My first ever time in the country and I wanted to identify all the key elements that made me dream about it in the first place. We booked the boat trip with Kos4all and it was truly brilliant. (They pick up at ur hotel.)oWe even spotted some dolphins, absolutely magical.The very friendly crew and pilot clearly love what they do and obviously adore the place they call home. Knowledgeable and very helpful, they were ready for any questions. We were served a lovely lunch on board. If, like me you don't want to eat the meat, indulge yourself in the delicious vegetable and yogurt sauce they offer. Watermelon is also generously offered all the way, fresh and sweet. 

The whole world was on board the boat we took, but people mind their own business and it all feels very private, unless you want to make friends, which seems possible too. Our first stop was the stunning fjord like island of Kalymnos. Greeted by locals selling orange juice, sponge and honey this was a dream and a great chance to see the calm and tranquil lifestyle of the people of this small Greek gems. We swan until tired of jumping into the fjord part of the island. I was pinching myself. Lucky me.

The mysterious island of Plati was our second stop and boy did we swim! Emerald clear waters and the most gorgeous backdrop, that place made me remember why I dislike swimming in indoor pools so much.

Our final stop was in the island of Pserimos. If you have watched the film called Mediterraneo, you will know what I talk about that this island makes you feel like entering that charming film. The sleepy village is alive during the summer with some quite cool accommodation options and a very calm, pool like beach. It was the busiest of the three islands, but rather vibrant. I felt rather melancholic, though imagining a Sunday in the winter season with its 130 inhabitants. Ice cream, fish and souveniers were our thing in Pserimos, and of course, more swim!

A truly memorable experience this boat trip. It does take all day, bear this in mind with the little ones. The music was ok. Some easy listen pop songs and some that were a little annoying. But all was forgiven when we approached our final stop and we could hear Zorba loud and clear. A dream.

For more information and to book your boat trip go to Kos4all.