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Sizzling hot London spots

The coolest rooftop bars in London to face the heatwave

When we think of London, we don't necessary relate it to hot days and balmy evenings when people sit outside whilst enjoying a cold drink. To be fair, London does translate better to that dark and dingy pub vibe with warm ale in hand and usually a Historical stained glass interior. But when the heatwave spreads to this side of Europe we need to be ready, and London is always ready and it adapts itself to whatever comes. Therefore, it is no surprise that the capital is packed with some seriously cool rooftop bars. When we say cool and don't only mean stylish and trendy. After all, we want breeze and cocktails.

So, if you are in London during this extraordinary hot summer, pay a visit to some of these bars, enjoy your dry martini and the stunning views.

Oxo Tower

Maybe the most famous and sought after spot for a cocktail with a view. So, let m get this out of the way, on a super hot day, it can become a little too much. It is extremely busy and they didn't have air con, which was certainly a down side to it. A spot outside in the terrace is a rarity, but if you are willing to wait, it is worth sipping your cosmopolitan whilst enjoying St Paul's right there. Average cocktails £20. Masterclass mixology available.


12th Knot

Another striking view of St Paul, this expensive and busy rooftop bar is new world stylish and sleek at the top of the Sea Containers Hotel in the South Bank. The vibe here is quite sophisticated as seen in its luxurious and plush interior. Think Bright Young Things and successful professionals with a glamourous feel. The cocktails price list reflects this too.


Bar Elba

Think late 20s and early 30s having the time of their lives and you have a clear picture of what this party bar is all about. A cool and bohemian crowd take over the top of Mercury House and have serious fun. The name is inspired by Napolean exile island. Summer loving and Porn Star Mojito are brilliant cocktail choices here. The food is fuss free and delicious. On the wall "liberte, egalité and rosé." Yes, please.


Radio Rooftop Bar

Balearic and sexy. Ok, also very busy and very touristy, but don't be put off by the huge crowds this place attracts. The secret here is to avoid the obvious. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening are perhaps wise days to avoid visiting this uber cool spot. The queues are endless and things can get a little stressful as staff are under pressure to keep the wheels turning. If you go on a Tuesday, for example, you can enjoy this trendy landmark in the capitals party scene in its full glory and excellent service. Very much worth it.