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Modern chic

Just across the Tagus, Praia do Sal has the most beautiful swimming pool I have seen.

Praia do Sal Resort

After leaving Cascais, my family and I arrive in the picturesque town of Alcochete which is located right across the river Tagus. Coming from the opulence of an extravagant hotel we could not have reached a more contrasting sort of accommodation.

Praia do Sal is a complex of three storey buildings designed in contemporary lines with minimal fuss and a lot of style. A choice of one, two or even a gigantic three bedroom apartments is available for those who pick this corner of Portugal to relax.

Reaching Praia do Sal isn't precisely straight forward, if you need to take public transport. Travelling with two kids, I certainly recommend hiring a taxi or an uber, if coming from Lisbon Airport. Once you are at Praia do Sal, I strongly recommend get a quick taxi ride to the town of Montijo (about seven euros fair) and use the ferry service straight to Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes and be sure to seat on the right side from Montijo to Lisbon, as when you approach Lisbon from the river, the views are simply spectacular. We took this route as often as we wanted to go to Lisbon and it is the best way to reach the capital. It is obviously the commuters choice too, so mind the rush hours as it can became all too hectic.

As we got to Praia do Sal complex, we were taken to our one bedroom apartment. I wish I could tell you about the stunning views of Lisbon from our veranda, but we stayed in the back of the building, so, like me, you can imagine how gorgeous it would have been to see Lisbon at sunset from Praia do Sal. We absolutely loved our apartment. It was so modern and beautiful, with all the appliances you would ever need to stay and not having to go anywhere. There are supermarkets nearby and you can shop for some food and the delicious local wine, get back and chill in the complex. The very sleek lines of the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces make it a perfect contemporary living for a restful holiday. A bottle of vinho verde at the ample balcony is as good as it sounds.

The lights of Lisbon

Praia do Sal is in the charming town of Alcochete. I taxi driver told me there are plans to build in the area an airport that will offer flights to and from Europe. It will certainly increase the interest in this sweet and sleepy town with a centre dotted with picturesque Portuguese houses coloured by their washing lines. The town offers a number of cafés and restaurants, if cooking is the last thing you want to do when on holiday.

But to us, the highlight of this attractive complex is its magnificent salty water infinity swimming pool. An impressive feature in the middle of the resort translates exactly the high specifications of this development balancing perfectly the architecture and the landscape. All very tasteful, all very serene, all very contemporary. The pool, however, is not heated, so in the winter and autumn months you might want to avoid it, but the resort offers a Turkish bath, a spa and a gym, if that's your thing. Don't forget that "Sal" means "salt", so ask the friendly members of the reception about visiting the salt mines in the region.

We are dreaming about Praia do Sal during the summer or spring months. But I have a feeling that I will have to be dragged out of the pool, the most gorgeous feature of Praia do Sal.