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Lights on History

Lumen is a hotel that is situated right off Picoas tube station in Lisbon. An undisputed gem for those who are looking for uncomplicated charm with clean lines, but are not ready to let go of the Portuguese tradition.

Lumen has an interesting proposition for its lucky guests: it makes use of and celebrates one of the most beautiful features Lisbon has to offer: its lights. This is directly reflected as you walk in the lobby, which is spacious and offer a colour palette that blends in with the hues and tones of the day in the sunny capital. The furniture and the lines are neutral, natural and have an organic appeal. If you are after a decadent type of hotel, I would strong recommend you skip this one. If, however, you are draw to chic simplicity, then Lumen is for you. This uncomplicated approach is also reflected in the friendly and relaxed staff that is helpful and lovely without the fuss you might find in some other establishments.

The rooms, which have excellent sizes, can be picked according to the guests moods. You might like to stay in a room that has a warmer feel and that reminds you of the alluring Lisbon sunset. You could, instead, have another room that reflects the brightness and good energy of waking up in this city of lights, or you could even pick a room that reminds you of the evenings. The palette on the walls will reflect these exact types of mood. What they have in common is, like the lobby, the simple and cool style which I think, for a hotel, is quite clever indeed. The super comfortable beds match the wonderfully bright bathroom from where you can listen to a selection of radio stations whilst you shower.

But, perhaps the most unusual and interesting part of the Lumen Hotel is their light show. I confess I had no idea what to expect and imagine all sorts of lighting effects. However, I was in for a surprise. Every night, at 10 pm, guests gather round the restaurant tables to watch this piéce de resistence. The spectacle consists of a twenty minute video mapping show of Lisbon through times and History, all projected in the garden walls as guests eat at the fantastic Clorofila restaurant. We couldn't be happier with our stay at the Lumen, which offers so much for a four star, a superior four star, but a four star nonetheless. We had a brilliant stay: for the lights, for the light, for the staff and for the uncomplicated and effortless cool style.

Lumen Hotel

Rua Sousa Martins, 20

Lisboa - Portugal