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How spoilt can we be?

A chromo therapy shower, a pillow menu, your own Nespresso machine... I must be at Hotel Corpo Santo.

The simply chic Hotel Corpo Santo

After some delay at Gatwick, I arrived with my daughter in Lisbon late at night. Late for her, anyway, used to be in bed by eight, we arrived at Hotel Corpo Santo at ten pm. Before travelling I normally read a lot about the hotel, its facilities and inevitably expectation starts to build up. After finding out that Corpo Santo Hotel had a bathroom with chromo therapy, music setting to help you relax and a delightful selection of Molton Brown toiletries, I was surely expecting a lot. I have had plenty of experience in hotels that promise but do not quite deliver so, the whole colour changing relaxing shower promise seemed a bit too good to be true.

As you expect from a establishment that claims to be five stars, we were warmly but discreetly greeted by four ladies that smiled as if they had just started their shift. (Maybe they had.) We were looked after with fresh fruit, water, candy floss (the shock in my little girl's face!) some information about the daily events that go on in the hotel and a quick description of what to expect. As it was rather late to explore Lisbon and my hunger was making me slightly delirious, I risked asking the staff to book us a table at the beautiful Porter restaurant that is part of the hotel, yet independently accessible from Rua do Arsenal 146. Of course it was no problem. Whatever we wanted, even if  the evening guests had already eaten and the chef was only waiting for our order.

Before dinner, my daughter and I were invited to check our room. A stylishly minimalist cocoon with rich textures and calming neutral colours. The beige, cream and white palette makes the interior rich, stripped, however, of any excess. There is nowhere to hide with such simple decor. As a result, the high quality of everything in the room is very noticeable. Little luxuries were everywhere. A beautiful basket with fresh fruit, a Nespresso coffee machine, fluffy robes and heavenly soft sleepers, magazines for all interests and a pillow menu from which you can order from reception in case the ones you already have are not to your liking. ( I know.)

The bathroom is possibly one of the highlights of the room. I actually had trouble getting my ten year old out of the shower as she was astounded by the music system (choose from Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit) that relaxes or invigorates you according to the tune. To top that, the chromo therapy with changing colour lights make the whole experience delightful.

Some of us might think of Lisbon and, indeed, Portugal with its traditional tiles, old fashion trams and a more classic style. But it is true Portugal is experiencing a sharp increase in popularity with its uber cool bars, restaurants and hotels. Corpo Santo is, undoubtedly one of the places that make us see Portugal in a very different light. Corpo Santo claims to match History and modernity in the heart of Lisbon. This description could not be more spot on. The location is very central, a short walk from Praça do Comércio, Mercado da Ribeira, Rua Augusta, Alfama. The attention to detail and the pride for the Portuguese History is expressed throughout the hotel. Every floor has a scent that translates Portugal's heyday of conquering the world in the 16th century and the countries they claimed to be their own territories. Our floor had this irresistible aroma of figs, nuts and dark chocolate symbolizing North Africa. A copy of Camus "The Outsider" is on show to represent Algerian literature. Brazil floor was all about coffee and tropical fruit. Some floors smelt of cinnamon. Corpo Santo is a feast for the senses.

A very generous breakfast was included in our stay and it ranges from full English to a more continental option with freshly baked croissants and cakes. Fruit juice for all tastes and some champagne for those who wake up in the best of moods.

Sadly, we only stayed for two nights, but if you can, a longer stay is recommended to take advantage of the hotel facilities in full and , obviously, explore Lisbon if you manage to leave your stunning room, of course.

Hotel Corpo Santos (5 stars)

Largo do Corpo Santo, 25

Lisbon - Portugal