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Greek Odyssey

To resort or not to resort?

When brainstorming for holiday destinations and ideas, we agreed that this summer we would pick a resort, all inclusive option. We wanted to completely relax and having someone cooking for you and the kids is my idea of stress free time. I love renting a place in the sun and I adore visiting French and Italian supermarkets and mini markets, but having to come up with a menu makes me a little anxious. Besides, all inclusive have the appeal of swimming pools, sea, kids clubs all the conveniences and, hopefully, the safety for kids and parents to truly relax. I confess that whilst narrowing down destinations, I unashamedly pushed towards the Greek Islands. It had been a dream. As a little girl and a teenager I dreamt of seeing the white washed houses and street paths and those gorgeous blue top churches. I must say, my options were Greece or the Greek Islands, and I won!

We chose Atlantica Resorts in Kos. I will put it straight from the start: they were brilliant. We arrived very late in the night. After a prompt check in we were taken to our family room and were offered some lovely boxes with food, dessert and water. The room had sea view, as we asked. However, the kids beds were for toddlers. None of my children could fit in them. The room was on the basement which annoyed me a lot. So, after the first difficult night when no one really felt comfortable enough to rest, I marched towards the reception and explained we needed a family room for 4 people, rather than 2 adults and 2 toddlers. It didn't take long we were moved from the room we didn't book (it looked nothing like the website) to a gorgeous airy, ample and much more modern room in an adorable Greek mock white washed villa. From that moment on we were happy, very happy indeed.

Atlantica Beach Resort is a lively all inclusive. Their entertainment team are brilliant if that is your thing. Zumba lessons, water polo, pool and beach parties, the friendly staff are always moving and trying to engage the lazy ones like me inviting them to join in.

Perhaps I would have liked to hear the sound of water and the gentle waves of the Med kissing the pretty sandy beach more than pop songs. But to be fair, there is always a way to escape to other sides of the grounds as the resort is surrounded by the beach and we all know that the pool has to have a more kids / family vibe.

I particularly like resorts that I can get away from, if I wish to do so. Because Kos is such a small island and a magnificent one too, we got to do little day trips that were the cherry on the cake. The 3 island boat trip is an absolute must. Three stunning and tiny islands that offer you a taste of life as it is for the locals.

A late afternoon trip to Zia, around forty minutes from our hotel to see the most spectacular sunset in the island of Kos. You will not be disappointed. We got ourselves some seats at a fantastic restaurant, right at their rooftop and watch the most sensational sunset I have ever seen. Never mind the cats under the table. You cannot avoid them in Greece. You really can not.  

Atlantica Beach Resort had a spot on location for exploring the island. You never feel too removed and, equally, if you fancy staying put, you have all you need to unwind.

Atlantica Beach Resort urgently needs some updating, this must be said. Their reception and bar areas are dated and if brought to life with some a cool and elegant interior they will look absolutely fabulous.

But their grounds are unbeatable. Stunning garden, massive pool that seems to dialogue with a stretch of enchanting tree lined sandy beach, a tent with a lovely spa, a few tennis courts, a brilliant snack bar that generously serves much more than snacks, and the offer of ice cream all day. To top it off, Atlantica Beach Resort is very close to all these breathtakingly beautiful locations: Kos town, Kardamena, Zia, the little tiny islands.

I didn't dream of visiting the Greek Islands for nothing, and luckily, now that I have been there, it does feel like a dream.