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The Albatroz in fashionable Cascais is as opulent and splendid as a five star can be

Roughly about forty minutes from Lisbon Airport is the beautiful seaside town of Cascais. Paved throughout with patterned Portuguese stones, this charming and exclusive area of Portugal has all that a visitor could ask for: the mighty open waters of the Atlantic combined with some very small coves form the  town sea line. There is a marina with expensive boats for those who can play hard and away from the sea, up the hills the utterly pretty old town with its very narrow zig zag of roads and some special eateries. Located on the top of a cliff, the glorious The Albatroz, an exclusive 5 star hotel that offers all the luxury one might expected from a top stay as well as the irresistible Portuguese charm in its recently transformed interior. And it comes with its own minuscule but exclusive stretch of sand too.

Our room was a vibrant and very spacious family accommodation located in the White Building. A lovely and ample balcony with grassy surroundings balanced it out with the fact that our view was only a tiny glimpse of the sea. The main building is the most luxurious one: the Duke of Loulé's Palace is astonishingly beautiful. A grand and period property that, I imagine, has views to die for. But if you stay in the White Building, the apartments on the front of the building also have the sea view we all dream of as well as the hotel's very stylish pool area, the perfect place for a sunset G&T or some Portuguese green wine.

This jewel of a place has been a hotel since the 60s and it has suffer major transformations. I was informed that they are expanding and have purchase another period property that holds the same charm as the main hotel building. The interior is bold and vibrant with lots of elements that are trademarks of Portugal such as the blue tiled wall in the reception. Despite all the luxurious spaces and features, The Albatroz has a very relaxed and warm feel to it. The staff are friendly, welcoming and proud to be there. Absolutely none of the rather frequent snobbery you can find in such grand and exclusive spaces. Coincidently it was my birthday the day we checked in and how adorable it was to be surprised with a delicious cake brought straight into my room! Such attention to detail is what makes the difference between an ordinary stay and very special one.

The refined atmosphere of the hotel is perfectly balanced with its seaside interior elements featuring various tones of blue throughout. The bar and restaurant also offer plenty of charm and style, being the one of a kind view always the main asset of this magificent hotel.

The town is quaint and small, so we walked everywhere. Right at our doorstep the lively pedestrian main walk an abundance of bars, restaurants, wine rooms and ice cram shops. The location could not be more perfect, but then we would expect nothing less than that from such a sophisticated and grand hotel.

On top of the very friendly staff and breakfast with the stunning views of the golden Atlantic, one of the things I enjoyed the most about The Albatroz is the eye-catching sense of style. The interior is so bold and vibrant that only a place that holds a ton of character can handle it. And this is exactly what The Albatroz in Cascais is: characterful, stylish, vibrant and very chic.

The Albatroz Hotel

Rua Frederico Arouca, 100

Cascais 2750353

tel. +351 214 847 380