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Happy holiday plan.

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The Easter holiday is fast approaching. If you have kids, read on.

It is nearly the Easter holidays.

I used to be rather dismissive about it, but now that I have kids I have finally realised that the Easter break is two weeks off, which suddenly gives it a proper holiday status. 

If you plan to go to the continent, temperatures will be warmer there, so you can actually live the dream of a pre summer break. Totally realistic, if you ask me.

But, if you are "stuck" in London (the inverted commas is because , really, who is ever "stuck" in London?) you will be spoilt for choices because the capital has a number of fun activities to seriously entertain the little ones!

We have listed 7 cool things to do. From the obvious, but special,  like plays and chocolate making, to cool workshops that are a tube ride away from central London, but very much worth it.

Read on and happy holidays!

1- Matilda, the Musical

I must confess I was gutted when I found out that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was not showing anymore. I took my daughter when she turned eight and I really wanted to take my son as he is reading it at school, but by Roald Dahl I could only see Matilda. I say I could only see Matilda because it amazes me that we don't have more of Dahl in the theatre scene. Easiotrot, The Twits, just imagine the fun! But, hey, we have Matilda and it is a fabulous production totally worth a visit. As expected, it is an expensive day out but one of those experiences that you and the kids will treasure for years to come.

2- Bank of England Museum

As museums in the capital go, this is not as popular as Tate Modern or the good old Transport Museum, for example, but it is a little gem. Bank of England Museum is often packed with activities for kids and has very informative tours about money, currencies. Their Easter activities also involve making the kids work hard to earn some prizes. It is a bank, after all! A stunning building so, it should amaze grown ups too.

Bank of England Museum

3- Lavender Leonardos

Crafty and creative kids? Tired of football, hockey, rugby and dance clubs? Look no further. This is a fabulous little art school with workshops for the creative types. Located between Clapham Common and Clapham Junction, it offers workshops throughout the whole Easter holidays as well as term time activities. Very much worth a visit if your child craves a more creative type of activity whilst having a lot of fun and making new friends too.

4- Polka Theatre

This gem hidden near Wimbledon South Station in the Northern Line is all you need for some great plays that will entertain pretty much all ages. The theatre has a programe that is for babies up to teenagers. Beautifully thought out productions , highly and richly creative, this is perfect if you want to avoid the West End whilst still enjoy great drama quality.

5- Kidzania

This place is so cool and the child in me wants to live there. Imagine a whole city made for kids, inhabited and run by kids! That is what Kidzania is. Parents can walk in the their children or they can drop them off at the BA check in zone, if they are 8 years old plus. Then, pick them up four hours later. In there, kids can experience what it is like to run a shop, work in a hotel, be a firefighter, a dentist, a doctor, a professional sportsperson. Can you feel my excitement already? It is in White City, west London and it costs around £70 for one adult and two children during the Easter holidays. If you child is younger than 7 (inclusive) they need to be accompanied by an adult.

6- Rainforest Adventure

The UK's largest population of piranhas? Yes, you've got it. At County Hall, Riverside Bridge in Westminster, Sea Life, you and the kids will be mesmerised by the Amazon Forest and its inhabitants. Be prepared to face creepy crawlers, exotic fish, lush flora and a mind blowing sensory experience.

Are you afraid of spiders? Fear not, they have crocodiles and snakes too! It costs £26 per adult and £21 per child. Super worth it.

7- Chocolate egg making workshop

Well, we couldn't list activities for Easter and miss one of the most popular ones.

An absolute gem in vibrant Brixton, South London, is the delicious Chocolate Museum. You can imagine how popular this is during the Easter holidays, so we advise you book in advance any workshops you and kids are interested in attending. How would you fancy one and a half hours of chocolate truffle making with the kids? We're in!

Happy Easter, everyone!