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PortoBay Falésia could be classified as a resort, but this would never do it justice.

Our room view at PortoBay Falésia

It was a Tuesday when we arrived at the hotel resort of PortoBay Falésia, near the town of Albufeira, in sunny Algarve. I say sunny, but it was a rainy Tuesday and my heart sank as I knew this place was made of beautiful views, a vast beach, outdoor swimming pools. I was a little more than worried about how to entertain myself and a seven year old that was looking forward to a sunny time.

We arrived a little too early to check in, so we were looked after by the friendly staff in one of the many lounging areas at the elegant lobby. It didn't take long, we were taken to our room and wow! Pool and sea views and a spacious balcony for the sensational  Algarve sunset. Our room was stylishly decorated and the little things that make all the difference: a colourful tray of delicious canapés and traditional sweets from the region. It sounds like a small thing, but the devil is in the detail and by then, we had fallen in love.

As the rain eventually stopped, we made our way out to explore the grounds of the resort. A lush and vast garden frames the main pool, the tennis court and the many living areas. Always on sight is the magnificent sea view of the Falésia beach that has direct access from the hotel. Special indeed, I hear you say.

The sun did come out to play, but I suspect we would have had fun anyway, as we found out the beautiful PortoBay Falésia is prepared for those rainy days too. A lit up and big underground indoor pool right next to the lovely spa is guaranteed fun for cloudy and cooler days. There is also a wonderful children's entertainer who seems to speak a handful of languages to make the little English, German, French, Spanish people feel right at home.

I must talk about the food. Naturally, you would expect in a resort the buffet breakfast and dinner. PortoBay Falésia does have a buffet, but it is the most vibrant you can imagine. The fruit are aplenty and super fresh. There are lots of Portuguese treats such as the expected Pastel de Nata, fig cakes, coconut cookies, all absolutely delicious. The dinner menu is also full of old favourites, but with excellent local dishes and such as cod and a variety of olives that are surely local. They taste divine.

Usually, PortoBay Falésia is a half board type of resort. But we were lucky to be welcomed at the Falésia Restaurant. I must warn you, the portions are extremely generous and you might want to consider ordering for two people if you actually have a party of four. The seafood is absolutely delicious and we had shrimps, lobster, calamari and cod. Service is adorable and waiters are all very attentive and seem very happy to be there.

But I cannot pretend that we wouldn't care if the sun didn't come out. Walking down the beautiful set of stairs to reach the Falésia Beach is a truly wonderful experience and it does make you feel like you really are on holiday, particularly if it is under the blue Algarve sky.

I love exploring places, but would be very happy indeed to retreat to this gorgeous and special spot that certainly puts a smile on everyone's faces. 

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Enjoy your stay. we are sure you will.

Quinta do Milharó 8200-591

Olhos de Água - Albufeira

Algarve - Portugal