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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

PortoBay is a known for being a chain with hotels in Madeira, Brazil and Portugal. So, how come did they manage to get it just right making their guests feel like they are staying in a unique space?

PortoBay Marques Facade

Best hotel to stay and five places to see in one day in Lisbon.

This meant I needed to rush the Portuguese capital and spend time in the hotel to write about my experience. How would I do this with so little time?

When you only have a whole day in a big time you need to be savvy and think strategically about location and points of interest. However, ultimately the location of your hotel will determine if you can realistically explore such a rich and diverse place like Lisbon in one day.

I confess that my expectations were of PortoBay Marques were of a good hotel located in a convenient area of the Portuguese capital.

Before this trip, I went to Lisbon in 2007, so I had no recollection about it whatsoever, except for the gorgeous wine and divine custard tarts.

But there I was in this quaint, small and charming four star hotel with the five star treatment. Attentive and friendly staff, I was warmly welcomed by all and that is a great sign. PortoBay Marques doesn't feel like a chain hotel. It isn't impersonal and cold. I only stayed there for one night and yet, staff called me by my name. Charming.

The hotel is located a few steps from Avenida da Liberdade, the luxury brand heaven for those who are seduced by this sort of thing. For me, the appeal about the location was mainly that Liberdade Avenue links some of Lisbon's main points of interest and important landmarks are within walking distance from the hotel. Therefore, my challenge to cover a good part of Lisbon in one day wasn't impossible. Having said that, I wish I had more time and will, for sure be back with a week to spare and enjoy one of the most gorgeous European capitals there is.

If I can point out one problem is that I was so welcome at PortoBay Marques that I ended up enjoying the hotel more than I had anticipated, spending a lot of time in its restaurant, where I had the most delicious Italian food, trattoria style, relaxed and simple. But the biggest problem is, by far, the hotel's tiny pool in the terrace. It is so inviting, so lovely that I warn you: do not go there unless you can afford being late for your next commitment. I eventually managed to drag myself out of it and write this review.

The irrisistible little pool at the terrace.

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PortoBay Marques 4 ★ hotel

R. Duque de Palmela 32, 1250-098 Lisboa, Portugal