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The most beautiful view in the the world.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The stunning 4 star hotel that is quite literally hanging on the edge of a cliff.

The mediterranean sea and the Vesuvius seen from La Tonnarella

Have I been here before?

Well, the truth is, I have. In fact I frequented this spot back in 2004 when I "worked" here. The inverted commas for "work" are because, of course, hanging out in a place like this can hardly be called a job. Back when I was younger, I stayed a number of months helping an adorable boy learn English in Sorrento. Since then, I have been back in town with my husband and unquestionably, one of the main charms of this magical place is the owners. The Gargiulo family has ran this business for decades and have been fortunate enough to keep this gem amongst themselves, making sure the hotel keeps up to date with trends without losing its character. Guests that arrive in this delightful part of the world are greeted like old friends. You feel at home straight away with the Gargiulo family and the staff's relaxed and warm approach.

Bougainvillea, lemon and tiles. You have arrived.

I remember thinking that no one could ever get tired of a view as magnificent as that. Even though I had just arrived and was clearly transfixed and seduced by the colour of the sea, the unique geography, the citrus smell, the Neapolitan dialect filling the streets, I was always thankful for having this part of the world as my home for months and months. La Tonnarella, I suppose, translates and carries, proudly, the essence of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Most rooms in the hotel have breath taking views of the sea and the imposing and threatening Vesuvius. Some have balconies and the most exclusive ones have terraces with sun loungers. The floor tiles are a gorgeous feature, with patterns and colours typical of this part of Italy, they give the rooms an old fashion charm that is hard to beat.

Do you have a pool?

I am sure this is one of the questions the hotel staff has to answer constantly over the phone when booking enquiries are made. No, no swimming pool here. But why would you want one if you can have your private beach? Oh, yes, La Tonnarella has its own stretch of coast, a minuscule one, but utterly adorable for its guests to enjoy at no extra cost. To take you down to the beach, the only way is a lift that goes down the cliff, an amusement for the kids and tourists in general. Some years ago, when a guest was at the beach and wanted a drink, the staff had to rush all the way from the bottom to the top of the hotel, and trust me it is a long way via the lift. These days, a delightful restaurant caters for most culinary needs offering the best produce in Campania from the juiciest tomatoes to the creamiest mozzarella.

As if this weren't enough, La Tonnarella also has a panoramic restaurant with a sensational menu featuring fresh sea food and pasta served with that Italian generosity that is hard to explain. Book a table early to avoid disappointment.

Sorrento and La Tonnarella were a dream, it was like having a holiday for months and months. Maybe I left too soon. Or maybe if I left later, I would still be there today. Would I be tired of the view already? I doubt it. I cannot recommend this hotel enough. But be ready to feel rather heartbroken when it is time to leave.

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La Tonnarella Hotel - 4 stars

Via Capo 31

Sorrento - NA - Italy