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Best Ice Skating Rinks in London

Brussels sprouts and ice skating: it must be the festive season in the UK! If you missed the pre Christmas ice fun, fear not. Most rinks open until early January, some until February, and we list here our top five to spare you from searching.

Somerset House

As far as Christmas treats are concerned, ice skating comes right on the top three in anyone's lists. It is guaranteed family fun and it sets the scene for all the festivities. London has some fabulous looking ice rinks, which makes it difficult to choose only one. So, to help you, we have listed our top 5 ice skating experiences in the capital.

Natural History Museum ice rink


one of the most traditional in London, the Natural History Museum is located in South Kensington, a very affluent area in London, and set right next to the imposing Romanesque style building. There is a sweet merry-go-round nearby and one of the highlights has to be the café with a balcony overlooking the rink. Head up for a warm drink and take a picture or two of the striking surroundings and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Opens until January 20th

Tickets £12,65 adult and £8,80 child


this Historical treasure, one of the most important in the entire United Kingdom, the Tower of London is utterly spectacular. Less so is its ice rink, unfortunately. With lots of room for improvement, the rink lacks festive mood. The light effects of snow flakes reflected on the tower walls are magical, but that's all. Having said that, the Tower of London is always a magnificent site, so well worth a visit any time.

Opens until January 6th

Tickets £14,50 adult £12,50 child

The Tower of London ice rink


you want to feel like you are inside a L.S. Lowry or Hendrick Avercamp painting, then Somerset House is the place to go. One of the most beautiful ice rinks in London , it has plenty of festive decorations and a real sense of Christmas family fun. The rink is right in the middle of the main court, so wherever you look, you see the stunning 16th century building. It is worth the wait to get a picture of the giant Christmas tree right outside the rink.

Opens until January 13th

Tickets £11,00 adult £8,50 child

The stunning ice rink at Somerset House


Henry VIII's official home, this is a dramatic ice skating setting, certainly offering a taste of History of one of the most haunted palaces in Britain. Very much like the Tower of London rink, the Hampton Court ice skating experience has less of a festive feel if compared to other capital ice rinks, but its backdrop should be impressive enough. It is also one of the biggest ice skating areas you will find in London.

Opens until January 6th

Tickets £14,50 adult £10,50 child

Skate with Henry VIII's ghost at Hampton Court Palace


this ice rink is set in the business district of London, so expect tall towers and a city feel to it. It has a bar overlooking the rink and plenty of sparkle from the nearby sleek offices. It is modern and new. Not the one for those after a more traditionally festive looking rink. If you want something new and modern, do try this one.

Opens until February 16th

Tickets £16,95 adult £10,50 child

Canary Wharf ice rink

Note: all ice rinks listed here offer skate aids for kids for around £5. Advance booking is recommended.

For further information, visit the ice rinks websites.